UnCommon Farms offers farm business solutions for family farms. With a host of consultants and business resources at their fingertips, members can build a strong family farming legacy and look to the future of their ag business. We focus on 5 key areas to help producers strengthen their business: human resources, leadership and management, financials, strategic planning, and succession planning. Members don't just have access to ag business experts, but they also become part of a community of like-minded producers who want to propel their farm's legacy into the future. By becoming a member, producers strengthen their farms as well as other farm families as they, too, are on a mission to take control of their farm's legacy. Our members help other farm families around North America succeed on their journey to preserving their legacies.

Farm-Focused Business Solutions


Solutions for Family Farms


Business Management & Leadership

UnCommon Farms resources guide you through a thorough assessment of your current operation, identifying opportunities for improved management and efficiency. Training courses help you gain the skills you need for maximum effectiveness.


Succession & Structure Planning

Our structure experts can help you ensure your farm’s entity structure is providing maximum benefit and protection to you as owners. We’ll also help you plan a smooth transition for your farming operation from one generation to the next to protect your farm’s legacy.



We will guide you to analyze your current financials and compare them to your operation’s historical performance, then guide you to use that knowledge for improved managerial decisions to help you improve profitability and reduce costs.

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Human Resources

UnCommon Farms resources will help you clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your workforce, bolster your employee recruiting strategy, retain good workers, and develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance with HR regulations.


Networking / Peer Groups

Experience networking like never before with our UnCommon approach. Our members come together to share their best practices, challenges, and successes through our trainings, workshops, peer groups, and exclusive conferences.


Business Training

With more than 70 courses for members and clients, UnCommon Farms offers introductory to advanced level training for a variety of different topics.

Member Benefits

Being a member comes with many benefits, including having access to our expert resources in different aspects of ag business, the ability to network with fellow producers, participation in subject matter and goal-oriented peer groups and more.

Peer Groups

Goal- and subject matter focused peer groups so you can deep dive into topics at any level.


Canada Ag Business Solutions

UnCommon Farms offers ag business solutions to Canadian family farms to help them build a strong farming legacy.

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A Community of UnCommon Farms. You Belong Here.

Membership in UnCommon Farms gives ag producers access to ag business professionals and consultants to help them take control of their legacy. Members can also take advantage of networking opportunities throughout the year to connect and learn from other farms across North America. Farm families strengthen their foundation in our 5 focus areas to enhance their farm's legacy.



Network with other forward-thinking producers across North America through peer groups and regional meetings and trainings.


Succession Planning

Look beyond traditional wealth planning and begin to plan how your business management and ownership will be transitioned to future generations.


Additional Resources

In addition to the 5 key focus areas, members have access to experts in input sourcing, business marketing, entity structure, compliance, information technology (IT), and more.


Ag Business Software

AgManager is an ag-focused accounting software that focuses on the needs of farmers and farming operations. Built for farmers by farmers, AgManager can help you organize your financial data like never before, produce helpful reports and analysis of your financials by field and crop.

Farm Business Coaching & Operational Management

Get guidance and assistance from a dedicated coach who will help you set and prioritize goals, implement new business processes, create operational efficiencies, improve management skills, and make the changes you desire for your farm. Your coach will hold you accountable, ensuring you implement the great ideas you’ll gain from experts and peers.  

Farm Networking & Training

Join a peer group and gain access to networking opportunities with other top farming operations, training resources, and safety and compliance information to keep your farm running smoothly.

Human Resources

Efficiently and safely run your farm, find qualified new team members, and provide training opportunities for ongoing success, all while ensuring you remain in compliance.

Crop Sales

Managing risks and successful crop sales in a constantly changing industry inevitably provides unique challenges for grain and livestock operations. Get coaching, advice, and guidance tailored to improving your farm business.

Farm Business Marketing & Landowner Relations

Attracting specialty crop contracts, attracting landowners, recruiting new employees, and having a reputable brand for lender and community relations are just a few of the benefits of marketing your farm business.

Cost Savings & Grant Opportunities

Get cost savings through the collective power of our agricultural network and discover grant programs available that could reduce the financial burden on your farm.

FieldIQ is a top-tier service that provides farmers with the tools and resources to put their agronomic data to work for them. Unlock your fields' full potential and gain the opportunity to increase your profits and efficiency.


We offer multiple agricultural accounting services to ensure you have the real-time information necessary to run your farm. From bookkeeping to full-service accounting and bill pay, we have options to meet your needs.


We train our experts to identify, measure, analyze, and interpret financial information to help you effectively manage your business.


Since taxes play a big part in your operation’s income and profitability, it’s crucial to work with professionals who have an in-depth, working knowledge of farm tax services and the agriculture industry in general. Tax regulations continually change, and so do your operation’s expenses and income. The tax professionals at UnCommon Farms understand the sophistication of farm businesses and work alongside you to help you navigate through all the complexities of tax planning and preparation.

AgVero ERP is the complete package for real time, accurate data all focused around financials. From crop sales to inventory to operations, AgVero can help you stay organized and efficient.

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