Property and Casualty Insurance

Property and Casualty Insurance


When it comes to protecting your livelihood, you need a team of experts that not only know the intricacies of crop insurance but also understand the business of farming and what other insurance coverages your farm may need.

Additional Coverage

Where offered, coverages provided at no additional cost may include vehicle damage, vandalism, malicious mischief, fire, and transit losses.


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“Deb took our understanding of how to use crop insurance to a whole new level and pointed us toward ways that greatly decreased our risk factors and it paid off the first year we engaged her. Getting an overview assessment audit from Deb and her team at UnCommon Farms Insurance Solutions saved us as a team/farm well over six figures.”

Robert D.

“Moving to UnCommon Farms Insurance Solutions has really improved the quality of our offerings and service. Their knowledge of the products, understanding of what is needed and available based on geographic areas, and the fact that they are using 7 different sources vs. what most agents do, it all makes a difference. The service and knowledge are key.”

Jim S.


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