Protect Your Farm’s Legacy with Crop Insurance

Protect Your Farm’s Legacy with Crop Insurance

Helping Farm Owners Insure Their Business for Future Generations


Multi-Peril Crop

The most popular form of insurance. Multiple types and levels of coverage with premiums subsidized by the government.


Crop-Hail / Wind / Replant

From Basic Hail Coverage with no deductible to deductible and companion or production hail coverage, UnCommon Farms has the best option for you.


Basic Hail

No deductible. Provides protection against physical damage up to actual cash value of insured crop on an acre by acre basis.


Deductible Hail

Deductibles from 5% to 30%. Provides protection against physical damage up to actual cash value of insured crop on an acre by acre basis, once adjusted percentage exceeds deductible.


Companion Hail

Deductibles from 0% to 15%. Supplements existing MPCI policy. Provided on an acre by acre basis.


Production Plan Hail

Various coverage options available. Supplements existing MPCI policy. Applied on a unit basis and in the event of a hail loss, will pay the lesser of the “field loss” or “production loss” as described in the policy.


Private Products / Endorsements

Supplemental to MPCI policies. Provides coverage for specialized needs not covered under traditional MPCI policies.

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Mitigate Risks. Insure Revenue

At UnCommon Farms, we don’t just know insurance. We live, breathe and work in farming every single day. It’s our passion, just as your family, your farm, and preserving your legacy for generations is yours. The Insurance Solutions team at UnCommon Farms partners with you for the long run to ensure success today, tomorrow and years into the future.


What Our Clients Say

“Moving to UnCommon Farms Insurance Solutions has really improved the quality of our offerings and service. Their knowledge of the products, understanding of what is needed and available based on geographic areas, and the fact that they are using 7 different sources vs. what most agents do, it all makes a difference. The service and knowledge are key.”

Iowa Insurance Customer

“UnCommon Farms Insurance Solutions has brought value to our operation in a couple different facets. They bring us the knowledge and a good mix of private products. I have worked with agencies before that couldn’t talk me through that and help me get the proper insurance that I needed to manage the risk associated with specialty crops.”

Indiana Insurance Customer

“We needed to change the way we ran our business. Instead of working in the business we needed to work on it. UnCommon Farms has those resources to help guide us”

Missouri Member


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Insure Your Legacy

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