Ag Training for Family Farms

Ag Training for Family Farms

Develop your skillset with UnCommon Farms Training

UnCommon Farms has over 70 training courses for members and clients at every level. From introductory courses to advanced levels, there is a course for everyone on almost any topic.


Regional Networking

Take advantage of regional specialized training to help your farm stay on the cutting edge.


Over 70 Courses

UnCommon Farms has over 70 training courses for members and clients of every level.


Learn with your Peers

Learn from the success of fellow producers in topic-focused peer groups.


Annual Conferences

Learn from an array of agriculture experts and stay at the forefront of industry changes.


Business Solutions for Legacy Farms


Business Management & Leadership

UnCommon Farms resources guide you through a thorough assessment of your current operation, identifying opportunities for improved management and efficiency. Training courses help you gain the skills you need for maximum effectiveness.


Succession & Structure Planning

Our structure experts can help you ensure your farm’s entity structure is providing maximum benefit and protection to you as owners. We’ll also help you plan a smooth transition for your farming operation from one generation to the next to protect your farm’s legacy.



We will guide you to analyze your current financials and compare them to your operation’s historical performance, then guide you to use that knowledge for improved managerial decisions to help you improve profitability, reduce costs, and secure your operating loan.

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Human Resources

UnCommon Farms resources will help you clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your workforce, bolster your employee recruiting strategy, maximize worker performance, retain good workers, and develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance with HR regulations.


Networking / Peer Groups

Experience networking like never before with our UnCommon approach. Our members come together to share their best practices, challenges, and successes through our trainings, workshops, peer groups, and exclusive conferences.

Your Questions Answered With
Our Free Resources

Your questions answered with
our free resources

The Power of Collaboration: Farm Teams and Their Impact

In the vast landscape of agriculture, the road to success often involves navigating a myriad of challenges.

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The Corporate Transparency Act 2024

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is a federal law enacted in 2021, as an effort to help prevent and

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Best Practices for Improving Profitability

Your farm faces many challenges today, including economic recession. Farms today are forced to manage many

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How Does Ag Accounting Differ From Business Accounting?

There are a few substantial differences between agricultural accounting and business accounting, specifically

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Landowner Communication Strategies and Tools

Summary With the harvest season behind us, the focus now moves to the planning for the season and years

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What Is the Operating Expense Ratio and Why Does It Matter?

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.” – Zig Ziglar Financial ratios

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Our Members Say it Best

"The way the peer groups are structured, we get to go to other farms to see their shops to see how they operate.”

UnCommon Farms Member from Kansas

"My son is 18 years old, and he gets to learn from these guys that have years and years of experience with large farm organizations, and they are good at it.”

UnCommon Farms Member from Nebraska

“Anytime you associate yourself with people of this quality in the peer groups, you can’t help but improve.”

UnCommon Farms Member in Missouri


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UnCommon Farms offers in-person and virtual training and webinars. Contact us so we can keep you informed about upcoming training and learning opportunities.