Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Succession Planning for Your Farm

When most think of transitioning to the next generation, estate and wealth management is in the forefront of those thoughts and conversations, but succession planning gets overlooked. UnCommon Farms, through one-on-one sessions, workshops, and training session, will help make sure that your farm is positioned for success into the future. A successful transition plan involves both succession planning and estate (wealth) planning.

Our General Counsel and ag business experts will help your family navigate everything from entity structure of your farm to family compensation plans and leadership development. Working with family can be hard, but with the help of UnCommon Farms, your transition to the next stage in your farm’s legacy can be smooth for the whole family when the time comes.


Wealth Preservation Documentation

Our General Counsel will help make sure your family has a plan in place to access all the important documentation.


Business Continuity

Get your farm family on the same page about topics such as family principles, governance, and financial planning.


Leadership Transition

Regardless of a death or retirement, who is going to take on what role is an important part of any business's transition.


Get Access to Our Ag Business Experts

Develop your farming legacy with UnCommon Farms ag business experts and community.

Get Access to Our Ag Business Experts

Develop your farming legacy with UnCommon Farms ag business experts and community.

Get Access to Our Ag Business Experts

Develop your farming legacy with UnCommon Farms ag business experts and community.

Resources to Market Your Legacy

Resources to Preserve Your Legacy

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Farm Business Solutions


Business Management & Leadership

UnCommon Farms resources guide you through a thorough assessment of your current operation, identifying opportunities for improved management and efficiency. Training courses help you gain the skills you need for maximum effectiveness.



We will guide you to analyze your current financials and compare them to your operation’s historical performance, then guide you to use that knowledge for improved managerial decisions to help you improve profitability and reduce costs.

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Human Resources

UnCommon Farms resources will help you clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your workforce, bolster your employee recruiting strategy, retain good workers, maximize worker effectiveness, and develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance with HR regulations.


Networking / Peer Groups

Experience networking like never before with our UnCommon approach. Our members come together to share their best practices, challenges, and successes through our trainings, workshops, peer groups, and exclusive conferences.


Business Training

With more than 70 courses for members and clients, UnCommon Farms offers introductory to advanced level training for a variety of different topics.

What Our Clients Say

“We needed to change the way we ran our business. Instead of working in the business, we needed to work on it. UnCommon Farms has those resources to help guide us.”

Missouri Member

“They have helped us understand how to manage a scaling business that is sustainable for the future.”

Iowa Member


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