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Farm Employee Performance Measures

Learn about best practices for evaluating your employees' performance with this free download. Be sure to equip management with the proper evaluation form that provides a clear set of goals and expectations.

Download our free farm guide to find out:

  • Are you evaluating your employees?
  • Are you measuring their performance?
  • Are you working together to set goals?
And finally, do you feel confident you've provided management with the right tools and training to help improve performance at every level of your farm business?

It All Starts at the Top

Equipping management with the right tools and measurements to evaluate employee performance is imperative. Without skilled management practices, your farm could end up in jeopardy from turnover and lack of clear communication. Management will begin to see themselves in constant hiring and training mode if employees are not openly and fairly evaluated on performance expectations. That is why our Farm Employee Management Performance Review template is so important for family farms of all sizes to build into their business practices. From this performance evaluation you will gain access to key employee performance measures such as:

  • Basic Job Requirements
  • Job Specific Attributes
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Business Objectives/Goals
  • Core Competency Development
  • and more!

Creating Farm Employee Management Leaders

When you invest in your employees, they’ll invest their time and efforts right back into you. When you create leaders, they'll take the time to ensure everyone is working together with the same goals in mind. This can only be done through empowerment of education and training. Start by downloading this free Farm Employee Management Performance Review template today.